Computer Training

computer training

Learning the effective use of computer is such a great fun, understanding the underlying principle of how it functions is even more fun. We have seasoned professional with wealth of knowledge on diverse packages whose teaching are well simplified enough that even a dummy  will understand. We equally have structured outline that will help you follow up the lectures till you are done. Our strong point has remained our METHOD OF TRAINING.

The world is fast developing into a technologically driven village with all former method of dealing with businesses fast transforming into an absolute digitized format. It becomes expedient to have a balanced knowledge of application that will help you solve certain issues and that will help you stand and survive the level of proliferation in the advancement of technology in the world today.

The various programmes we offer ranges from simple to advance programme such as Microsoft Office, Corel Suit, Adobe packages, Content Management System (CMS), Database Management System (DBMS) using Oracle 12g, Web Programming and Project Management System (PMS) Software.

Do not hesitate to put a call through if it arouse your interest as training has so been structured not to interfere with your activities at work as it is fully flexible and class determined by you.

For further enquiries and registration, Contact us.